Our Services

We offer ranges of fin-tech solutions that provides cash deposit support for small savers, and digital banking tool for financial institutions.

What We Do

We are a financial technology institution that provides alternative banking services for small savers and petty business owners. We offer 2 range of financial technology solutions as a start-up. These solutions provide cash deposit support for small savers, while the other one provides digital banking tool for financial cooperatives and thrift collectors.



BankA is a product that enable users to make cash deposit into their account through a dedicated USSD channel.

Our product (BankA) is opportunity driven. It involves exchange of values between the card users, distributors/agents, Westpay global resources, commercial banks and our settlement bank. The product provides a new and seamless way for Nigerians to put cash into their bank accounts without travelling to queue at a bank to make deposit or a mobile money outlet. The product cuts out the challenges small savers go through to make cash deposit and it will serve customers with the following user cases.

  • Cash deposit
  • Gift card
  • Micro pension
  • Micro insurance
  • Bill payment

Ultra 5

A mobile and web application designed for field staff of micro-finance institutions to automate field operations and transactions.

Ultra5 is a mobile and web application designed for field staff of microfinance institutions, cooperatives, thrift collectors, associations, and mini banks to automate field operations and transactions. It’s a financial technology solution that will help organisations save time and capture all necessary data while their staffs are still on the field. Also, it provides metrics on a daily basis. The solution enables Financial cooperatives with the following:
  • USSD Banking
  • Customer Banking
  • Digital Banking
  • Payments

Ultra5 Technology

USSD Banking

Ability to run financial institution on a dedicated USSD code, members can view their balance, apply for loan and do more on our USSD Technology

customer banking

Customer Banking

Financial institution customers will be able to Login to their account from anywhere, access their cooperative banking online, on our mobile app and on USSD to make deposits, withdrawals, and transfer.


Digital Banking

Ability to run financial institution like a bank with Real-time reports, real time SMS Alert to customers and manage their accounts using our mobile based banking and web based banking platform.


Ability to Make payments easier and faster at convenience to anyone into their account using the product mobile app


Our commitment

In fulfilling our mission, Westpay Global Resources Ltd. strives at all times to provide our products and services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of our customers.

We are also committed to giving users the best customer service experience ever, while we use the best technologies available for its deployment.


We communicate with customers and partners in ways that take into account their needs. It is important for us to communicate with customers on how to interact and communicate with customers with various types of needs. We are committed to providing fully accessible telephone service to our customers. We will train staff to communicate with customers over the telephone in clear and plain language and to speak clearly and slowly. We communicate with customers by email/sms and mailings if telephone communication is not suitable to their communication needs or is not available.


Let us have a talk with you. We are ever ready to work with you and grow your  business.